Ag News: China Retaliation
China is making its retaliation list and checking it twice, targeting ag products. The Humane Society of the U.S. is facing charity oversight groups pushback.
We Have a New Drunkest City in Washington State
With new breweries popping up every other weekend and the fact we live in an area great with wine and hops, it's no wonder we have a lot to celebrate. For years, Longview, Washington was considered to be the drunkest city in Washington but according to new stats, a different town was just crown…
How to Pronounce 22 Different Types of Wine [VIDEO]
Cabernet Sauvignon? Nebbiolo? Montepulciano d'Abruzzo? Don't get caught in an embarrasing situation trying to pronounce these. Here's a quick video guide on how to pronounce 22 different wines.
Make sure you utilize these at the Yakima Uncorked event coming June 25 at the Millennium Pl…
Six Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To The Yakima Valley
The Yakima Valley is a mixed bag of nuts, if you listen to the locals tell it.
When I first moved here in 2002, I was immediately told that the best thing about living in Yakima is leaving Yakima. That freaked me out quite a bit! I thought that meant that I needed to immediately pack my bags and head…

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