What It’s Like Being Inside of a Wrestling Ring
Over the weekend, Changing Pointe Church presented "Death Match 2K15" -- a wrestling benefit for Children's Village. I was invited to help out in a couple of instances. I'm a life-long wrestling fan, so stepping foot inside the ring was a dream come true.
If Local Radio DJs Were WWE Superstars — Here Are Their Bios
On the eve of WWE tickets going on sale for the Summerslam Heatwave Tour Aug. 10 at the SunDome, I asked a few of my co-workers who their favorite past and present WWE Superstars are.
This led to "What if we were WWE Superstars?" We all know that is a superfan's dream...
Ex-WWE Wrestler Batista Makes MMA Debut
Former WWE champion David 'Batista' decided to quit the theatrics of the world of pro wrestling and try his hand (and other parts of the body) in the octogon as a legit MMA fighter. How did he do? Let's watch here:

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