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Yard Sales In Yakima This Weekend Rocked!
Summer is coming to an end. It makes me sad because, I love the warm weather and I love yard sales! Every time I turned a corner on Saturday, August 13th, there was a yard sale! I came upon some fantastic deals but, one yard sale caught my eye. I wasn't just one yard sale, it was the entir…
What to Look For at a Yard Sale
Most of us go to yard sales for one reason or another. Maybe it's to buy new clothes for your little one or to find something to add to your collection -- whatever it might be that you happen to collect. Whether you're a casual observer or hardcore thrifter, here are a few things to maybe …
Yakima’s Biggest _________?
Here at "The BIG Show" we are getting geared up for Yakima's BIGGEST Yard Sale on May 9 at J.M. Perry Tech.
With that, we wondered: What are some of Yakima's other "biggest" things?

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