Thrillist recently listed each state and ranked them based on the food they produce, what food that state is known for and a few other factors. I was hoping we'd be in the better half of 50, but very pleased to find Washington in the top 10. Of course, it's no surprise why.

via Thrillist:

Do you like apples? They were probably grown in Washington. For real, though, this state’s a produce powerhouse and farmer’s market wet dream come to life. That sounded gross. You get the idea, though. They also use their natural advantages in the beer and wine departments (they grow, like, 80% of the country’s hops -- thank them!). Their oysters are delicious, even if they won’t actually get you laid. Oh, and you might think you’re familiar with their coffee, but go there, and you’ll invariably be introduced to something new and better.

I was hoping we'd be better than California, but I'll take seventh place. We beat out a lot of great states that have a lot to offer.

What's your favorite food from Washington?