I've been a big fan of being yourself at every situation. Sure, you can tone down your fandom if it's not appropriate, but if you love something, let others know about it because it may come in handy like this box of Atari games and He-Man figures I just received.

I love video games and 80s nostalgia so a co-worker, who was doing some cleaning, found this box from his youth. He had a few He-man figures and found a box that had his Atari systems (one may be broken), a bunch of games and some He-man figures. He gave these to me free of charge. To him, he was happy to be rid of it. To me, it's like someone gave me $100 for no reason.

Everyone loves receiving gifts and when it truly is the thought that counts, this is right up my alley.

It's instances like this that, if you love something and especially if you collect something unique like matchbox cars, Coca-cola items, classic Seahawks items and anything else, when others find something for you at yard sales or estate sales, they'll keep you in mind.

It worked for me and I've totally done the same for other collectors where I'd find something that I deemed useless to me, but they could get great use out of it (a box of yarn, for instance). You never know.