There's been a lot of talk about a new phrase -- "alternative facts" -- that cropped up in politics over the weekend. So I thought I'd present a few of my own. Here are 10 alternative facts about Yakima.

  • It's called Yakima because it's the backward spelling of how people felt. Amikay. (I'm OK)

  • Yakima wasn't the first name choice. Other names being tossed around where Valley Town, Tacoma Jr. and Fiveohnineton.

  • The census says we have about 94,000 people, but it's closer to 500,000.

  • The official snack of Yakima is 'Chicken in a Biskit'.

  • Yakima boasts sunshine 300 days a year because of how the Earth tilts its axis to avoid the sun the other 65 days.

  • It is true that the Yakima Valley produces about 75% of the nation's hops used in beer, but we also drink 75% of the nation's beer supply.

  • Yakima leads the nation in most jort (jean short) sales.

  • Yakima has been Crime Free since '83.

  • Because most don't bundle up when its cold outside, our temperature drops further which is why it takes longer for snow and ice to melt.

  • Five miles under Yakima's surface is a river of fry sauce.

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