Have you noticed drivers are getting worse and worse? It's not me and it's certainly not you, but it seems we've had an influx of motorists who apparently found their license at the bottom of a box of cereal. If you need a refresher, or just wanna be safe, here are my 10 commandments of driving in Yakima.

  • 1

    Thou Shalt Put Thy Phone Down

    Even at a red light, it's illegal to talk on a phone while driving and soon it'll be illegal to hold your phone and use speaker-phone. If you must talk and drive, it has to be hand-free.

  • 2

    Thou Shalt Stop at a Red Light, Not Blow Through It

    We've all seen it, but few will admit to doing it. The light just turned yellow but you don't wanna wait for another cycle so you drive through as it's turning red when they had plenty of room to slow to a stop. I've seen far too many near-miss accidents from this.

  • 3

    If Thou Must Use a Roundabout, Thou Must Know How to Use Said Roundabout

    Yield to whomever is already in a roundabout and, once in, keep moving until you exit. It's not that hard. Sure, you have to wait for an opening but they're not the worst thing ever. If you can't figure it out, take another road.

  • 4

    Thou Shalt Not Turn Left and Stall in a Median

    This is one of my biggest driving pet peeves. It's when someone exits a business turning left, but instead of entering the left lane, they turn onto the median and just wait there until they can safely merge. Just wait until you can safely turn left into the left lane.

  • 5

    Thou Shalt Use Thy Turn Signal


  • 6

    Thou Shalt Not Drive Through Empty Parking Stalls in Parking Lots

    This is just dumb and dangerous. You should always drive through a parking lot as if there was a car parked in ever spot.

  • 7

    Thou Shalt Drive 60 mph on Highway 82 around Yakima

    This is for your own benefit as many times someone is pulled over getting a ticket for driving too fast. Just drive the speed limit.

  • 8

    Thou Shalt Not Park in Two Parking Stalls

    This including double parking, I don't care if it's away from the store and in the back of the parking lot where nobody parks, parking like that makes anyone look like a pompous, arrogant idiot that only care about themselves.

  • 9

    Thou Shalt Make Room for Trucks

    Though I don't drive one, I have a lot of love for our truckers. "If you got it, a truck brought it." I promise they don't like turning down our small streets, either, forcing other cars to back up, but they can't help it, either. Give'em some room, would ya?

  • 10

    If Thou Can't Abide, Thou Shalt Stay in Thine Home

    Sure, some of these are the law and some are just good for morals, but if you can't treat the roads with respect, better have someone who can drive for you.

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