Roundabouts get a bad reputation. Although the bad feelings usually come from people either not knowing how to use one or seeming like everyone else not knowing how to use one. I personally love them and think they speed up the process. I'd rather wait for a car or two than be stuck behind a red light that never turns green only to have a truck turn and stop all of traffic. Here are 10 intersections I'd rather have roundabouts than street lights.

  • 48th and Nob Hill

  • 66th and Nob Hill

  • 16th and Nob Hill

  • 3rd and Washington

  • 72nd and Tieton

  • 40th and Powerhouse / River Road

  • 1st and Yakima

  • 7th and Summitview / Yakima Ave

  • 16th and Lincoln

  • Englewood and Powerhouse

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