All week long we're giving you a chance to win a pair of super passes for the Central Washington State Fair. You can buy them for a limited time at the State Fair's website or listen to Brooke & Jubal in the morning to win yours. With 10 days of fair fun, here's what you could do on each day to maximize your experience.

  • 1

    Spend all day at the AG exhibit

    I always make sure to get a new jar of honey from that beekeeper every year.

  • 2

    Attend a Concert

    They have big-named concerts almost every night of the fair. Make sure you check at least one of them out.

  • 3


    Show up with an empty stomach and pace yourself to try as many foods as possible.

  • 4

    Go Shopping

    There's plenty of cool stuff to buy at the fair. Just hang out at the Sundome all day. You're sure to find something you can't live without.

  • 5

    The Rides

    What's a proper fair without the rides! Always worth spending time on the midway.

  • 6

    The Games

    The games of skill, chance and a lot of luck. Bring a few extra bucks and see if you can go home with a giant stuffed unicorn or something fun.

  • 7

    The petting zoo

    One of my kids favorite attractions of the fair. Make sure you bring some change so you can feed the animals, too.

  • 8

    The Stables

    Take some time to get to know the horses in the stables.

  • 9

    The Wild Animals

    In recent years they've had a re-occurring section where they bring 'a walk on the wild side' animals to see up close and even have options to get a photo with them.

  • 10

    Just walk around and take it all in

    The other stuff that regular fair-goers would know like the living statue, the quilt show, the photo contest and so much more. There's too much to do, even in 10 days.

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