Credit cards may make our lives twice as easy, but they can just as easily make it three times as difficult. And we’re not talking about the kind of difficult where you find out that a box of Corn Pops has sent you over your measly credit limit.

In this case, we mean identity theft. For instance, Global Payments admitted that a data breach may have leaked the numbers of 1.5 million credit cards. Here’s a sign your account may have been hacked.

1. You’ve spent more on shoes than rent in a year — and you’re a guy.

2. It’s a better explanation than admitting that you made all those calls to that phone sex line.

3. Your credit card has bought so much garbage on the Home Shopping Network that Joan Rivers can finally afford that plastic surgery she’s been saving for all these years.

4. You’ve paid for so many hookers that DC congressmen are working to have you audited.

5. For some reason, you’re to blame for the world’s Pop Tarts shortage.

6. A Nigerian prince has named his first-born son after you.

7. Prince William and Kate Middleton sent you a thank you note for paying for their honeymoon.

8. You keep getting junk mail about yacht cleaning services.

9. The same day your card goes missing, Congress somehow pays off the national debt.

10. You don’t remember buying a round of drinks for everyone in Arkansas.

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