The Super Bowl is coming up on February 4, 2018. Although most of the nation is glued to their TV sets, here's a list of things that you may consider doing instead of watching a bunch of grown men in shoulder pads play with a crooked ball.

  • Go To Church

    It is Sunday, after all.

  • Go Shopping

    Whether it's Walmart, Costco or anywhere, really, with low attendance there'll be super-short lines.

  • Go To a Park

    Assuming the weather holds up, you can probably go to a park and have the playground equipment all to your kids.

  • Go Out to Eat

    Take your pick of restaurants! Red Robin, Olive Garden, Applebee's -- anywhere, really. Get a party of you together. I bet they can sit 8 of you without waiting.

  • Drive Anywhere

    Since traffic will be very low, you can go to wherever you need to go without too much worry about other drivers.

  • Go To the Movies

    Watch any movie in a probably mostly empty theater.

  • Go Bowling

    I bet you won't even have to wait for a lane to open up. And they probably wouldn't book league night during the Super Bowl.

  • Go to McDonalds or Burger King

    Any place with a kids play area, really. Most parents are probably watching the Super Bowl that it may be more empty than usual.

  • Go Exercise at a Gym

    Now, most athletic clubs may actually be showing the Super Bowl on TV so this is a double win. You work out and, if you still a little interested, you can still watch the game.

  • Watch the Crack at Rattlesnake Ridge Slide

    Although you probably can't see any movement by just sitting there and staring at it, you may be able to pull up a lawn chair and just gaze as its glory. If you stare at it hard enough, maybe you'll see a pebble tumble. Either way, this may be more exciting than watching the Super Bowl.

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