Yakima is known for a lot -- maybe more than you realize. Here are a few things Yakima has given the world.

You're welcome ...

  • Kyle MacLachlan

    Without Kyle MacLachlan, "Twin Peaks," "Sex in the City" and "Portlandia" wouldn't be the same.

  • Good Beer

    We didn't give the world all of the hops, but we gave the world a majority of them.

  • The Miner Burger

    Other towns can claim they have great burgers, but they don't have a Miner burger. Especially a Double Miner with cheese.

  • Scott Hatteberg

    Scott Hatteberg graduated from Ike and went on to play for the Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics and Cincinnati Reds.

  • Gold Medalist for Slalom in the 84 Winter Olympics

    Thanks to Yakima native Phil Mahre, we have an Olympian in our town. Phil and Steve Mahre competed in the 1984 Winter Olympics, where Phil took gold in slalom.

  • Endless Laughs

    The late comedian Sam Kinison was from Yakima. Did you know that? He was a fantastic comedian whose life was cut short. He's the kind of guy that when I'm feeling like I need a quick laugh, I'll YouTube some of his comedy.

  • Lots of Short Stories

    Another local celebrity, Raymond Carver, may not have been born in Yakima but grew up here. His poems and short stories have been translated around the globe.

  • The butt of many jokes

    Yeah, there's that "Palm Springs of Washington" sign. Others may laugh but to me it's a sign of pride.

  • Yakima Ski Racks

    Although Yakima ski racks aren't made in Yakima, they are named after the city where the company was founded.

  • The best radio station ever!!

    That's right! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! You can hear us in the car or at home in Yakima but we're global on our website and on our app.

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