"How rude!"

"Cut it out!"

"Have mercy!"

No, this isn't a lesson in exclamations from a remedial English class; it's the best of Full House dialogue. From 1987 until 1995, the ABC family comedy tackled the heaviness of death, eating disorders and drunk diving while offering the levity of conversation typically reserved for games booths at a county carnival. You could have your hardship-soaked funnel cake and eat it, too!

Today (February 26), the show's characters return for Netflix's sequel series Fuller Housewhich finds protagonist DJ Tanner, a new widow, struggling to take care of her children with help from her family and best friend Kimmy. Instead of whistling while they work, though, they issue a series of one-liners that would send any linguist into an early grave. Platitudes? Bromides? Cliches? They're all here, and they're bigger and starker than ever. This is the stuff of California's follow-up gold rush.

If you're a fan of the original series, the above quotes from the Fuller House premiere will give you the warm fuzzies. If you're the eye-rolling type, they might render you functionally blind. Take a look at the most memorable bits — for better or for worse — from the series' first house party episode, and if you've already watched, share your thoughts!

Look back at the Fuller House premiere's red carpet:

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