Growing up in the Yakima school district, both as a student and as my parents worked for the school district (my mom was office manager at McClure while my dad was a music teacher at several schools) I've learned plenty, and not just from books. Here are several things that if you only understand if you went to schools in Yakima.

  • 1

    You had Lucy Valderhaug for 'Sex Ed'

  • 2

    You probably had the same teacher as your older brother or sister

  • 3

    You skipped school at least once to go to the fair.

  • 4

    You knew where your school's 'smokers corner' was.

  • 5

    You looked forward to library so you wouldn't have to do much.

  • 6

    In high school, you probably dated someone one of your friends already dated.

  • 7

    You didn't like going to school, but you'd still hang out there during the weekend.

  • 8

    Before woodbark on playgrounds, it was pebbles or recycled shredded tires to protect your fall.

  • 9

    It got awkward to run into your teachers at the store -- especially when they were buying beer or wine.

  • 10

    You'd have the spouse of one your elementary teachers in middle or high school.

  • 11

    If you didn't feel like going to PE, you'd 'conveniently' forget your gym clothes.

  • 12

    You knew someone in high school who was 20 years old.

  • 13

    You WERE that guy in high school that was 20 years old.

    not for everyone.

  • 14

    You knew someone in 4H

  • 15

    Peddling 'World's Finest Chocolates'

  • 16

    Your math teacher was also your volleyball coach.

  • 17

    Square Dancing was a P.E. class

  • 18

    You attended YV-Tech to get out of school for half the day.

  • 19

    Staying home meant watching 'Price is Right'

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