Fame has its perks, but the pressures and temptations can take a toll on anyone—just look at your favorite star's latest social media rant or public outburst if you need any evidence. But when child stars are involved, the impact of being exposed to too much, too soon, can prove disastrous. It's a double-edged sword that has manifested in many cautionary tales of the entertainment industry eating its young.

Drew Barrymore, Bobby Brown, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are just a few entertainers who saw their reputations tarnished at the height of their careers, whether due to drugs, dating drama or other scandals. While these stories may convince you to condemn the world of music, TV and film for exploiting and corrupting minors, there are plenty of cases in which child stars have matured into leaders of industry, philanthropists and role models for their legions of fans.

From Avril Lavigne to Nick Cannon, check out twenty celebrities who got their start in the entertainment industry as children and managed to avoid the pitfalls of fame to live well-adjusted lives as adults.

20 Child and Teen Stars Who Never Got Weird On Us

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