Oh, you're from Yakima, you say? How many of these can you relate to? I bet you're familiar with most, but your friend in Seattle is left scratching their head.

When you say your from Washington, having to explain your not from Seattle and that there's other cities in Washington.

Taco trucks are totally acceptable places to go out for lunch or dinner.

Which way to move when you cross the railroad tracks on 1st Street.

Hops--IPA beers, Hop Town Pizza, craft brewers.

The sun can be shining one minute, snowing the next.

Cheese zombies.

Gettin stuck behind a straddle truck during harvest season.

Putting couches on your porch is a fashion statement.

Getting Lotusized at the Lotus Room.

Floating the river in the summer time.

Big Miner.

Country store.

How to pronounce Naches, Cowiche and many other towns in our area.

Partying in the Apple Orchards.

How the town goes from scary ghetto, to yuppie, to farmville in three turns.

Ice cream cone from Ron's Taco and Burgers.

Pickle fizz.

Cruising Yakima Avenue.

"It's hot, I'm bored, it's cool at the movies"

And, of course, the Palm Springs of Washington.

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