The 2012 Grammy Awards were chock full of amazing performances, with Bruno Mars opening the show with a vivacious, dance-filled performance of his song ‘Runaway.’ Alicia Keys paid homage to the late Etta James, while fellow soulful diva Jennifer Hudson gave an outstanding tribute performance to Whitney Houston, who died just one night before the 2012 Grammys. Adele made her comeback with a rousing performance of ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ while Chris Brown was also welcomed back with open arms after performing ‘Turn Up the Music’ and ‘Beautiful People.’ 

Some other performers included Rihanna, who performed ‘We Found Love’ and even busted out a choreographed routine. RiRi also took the stage with Coldplay for ‘Princess of China,’ with the rockers also delivering a powerful rendition of ‘Paradise.’ Foster the People and Maroon 5 performed alongside the reunited Beach Boys, while Kelly Clarkson took the stage with country crooner Jason Aldean. Speaking of country music, Taylor Swift also performed a finger-snapping, sassy version of ‘Mean.’ Katy Perry gave a cleansing and high-energy performance of her new song ‘Part of Me,’ and Nicki Minaj closed the pop performances with ‘Roman Holiday.’

Check out these pictures of the 2012 Grammy Award performances in addition to some backstage and audience shots. What was your favorite performance of the evening? Let us know below!

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