2020 sure was a dumpster fire.

That being said, here are 5 things I think we ought to keep going forward.

1. Cooking. Don't stop cooking that baked bread, a pot of gumbo, and many other InstaPot or crockpot recipes. In fact, don't stop sharing your recipes with total strangers, it's how some of us are coping during COVID--cooking and eating things we never would have had time for before the pandemmy.

2. Putting hashtags on everything, whether it's a post on Instagram or a retweet on Twitter. It helps people find like-minded tweets and makes people not feel so alone during this time of modified pandemic lockdowns.

3. Wearing face masks everywhere we go. This includes flying on necessary flights on airplanes, shared rides in taxis and such, and when you are a passenger in others' cars.

4. Seeing a therapist. I think it is safe to say that each one of us has at some point come to grips with our pandemic emotional rollercoaster. That goes for children as well as us adults. We each need to have someone to vent all of our problems and woes to, even those of you who some would describe as "evil".

5. Hope. What is that old saying, "Keep hope alive"? No matter how sad the days and nights may seem or how far you dip into the depths of despair and grief, we can't give up hope and optimism. It is what makes us human. Hope is literally all that we have to get through 2021.

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