I've seen a lot of hashtags from #NotMyPresident to #NotMySuperBowl. I'm here to say that the intersection of 40th and Summitview is #NotMyIntersection.

I'm usually stuck in a cycle or two every time I pull up to it, no matter what time of day. Whenever I'm trying to turn left, a giant truck is also turning towards me, forcing me to back up from my spot. Every time I have the green light and I'm at the front of the line there's still two or three extra cars who drive through the red light to avoid the wait time. I'm done.

I'll avoid it.

I'll drive around it.

I'll grab something from Arby's or shop at walgreens just to give me a reason to cut through the parking lot.

I'll do whatever it takes, I'm here to say that I'm going to do my part and avoid 40th and Summitview at all costs from here on out.

What about you? What's your least favorite intersection? Tell us in the comments.

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