Put these five concerts on your calendar for the summer, fall, and winter!

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Pitbull: My bawdy is overdue for some dancing and booty-shaking. Being in quarantine lockdown has been great for my extroverted introverted heart, but not for my butt and my gut! I gotta lose some of this extra weight I've put on during the pandemic, and there's no better way than to lose weight with dancing at a Pitbull concert. He's coming to the Toyota Center in September but the tickets go on sale June 25th!

Watershed: I have never been to Watershed and I am so looking forward to it. I definitely don't plan on doing the camping overnight experience because people are just too loud and too nasty. I don't want to do my "business" in a porta potty anyhow. Get info here.

Jazz in the Valley: 7 live bands including somebody with the famous jazz last name of Metheny! I haven't been to Ellensburg in a whole year. I kinda miss the place!

Foreigner: Toyota Center in Kennewick on September 22nd! Tickets are pretty affordable if you take advantage of it right now! I can hear their hit, "Hold the Line" stuck in my head on a loop. With the background singers yelling out, "Love Isn't Always on Time" and a "whoa, whoa, whooooooaaaa!"

Jo Koy: Here's a comedian that I have heard friends RAVING about but I have never seen his stuff in action. I am a tough critic when it comes to comedians though. Just because everybody else says somebody is funny makes me go, "Oh yeah, well, I'll be the judge of that!" Jo will be in Kennewick in December.

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