I'll just start off by saying George Takei is completely awesome and, unlike many actors and personalities of his generation, has learned how to change with the times. Pre-generation X'ers know him best as Sulu on Star Trek. The younger generation know him best as the gay Japanese-American with a hilarious facebook page and the guy who says "Oh My" in a very smooth way in various cameo appearances.


No doubt he has a great voice. So great that the Star Trek audiobooks my mom used to listen to all the time were voiced by George Takei. A voice that makes most of us radio guys jealous. I was thinking of other words I'd love to hear him say. Chances are pretty good he has said some of these words before but, just to put them down on digital paper, here are 5 things I want to hear George Takei say.

"John Riggs"

Almost like an audio signature. Nevermind autographing my action figure, I want to hear him say my name (but not in the way he'd want me to hear him say my name.)


It means 'to confuse' but it's so much funner to say. Hearing it from him would make it even funner.

"That's what she said"

It's the worst punchline to any non-joke, but I can't imagine hearing him say it. Not that he would ever reduce his wit to say this in the first place.

"Yakima, Washington"

Out of everyone who isn't from here and has probably never been to Yakima, I'm going to go ahead and assume he knows how to pronounce Yakima correctly the first time without any help or assistance. Not only the name of our beloved city, but it is a fun word to say. I bet George Takei could say it with gusto.


Any old-timey word like Gadzooks would be funny coming from the golden voice of George Takei. Other reasonable likeness like Golly-Gee-Willickers or Holy Moley would also be acceptable.

So, that's my list. Perhaps I should come up with 24 words and create my own George Takei Bingo game and keep my eye out for his appearances to see if I can catch one or two of these.

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