We as people waste money knowingly and unknowingly. Simply put, here are little things one can do to save at least $100 a year. Thank you to our friends at Yahoo Finance. Take a look.

  1.  Stop overspending on gas and oil. Unless the manufacturer of your car says otherwise, regular gas is fine. And there's no need for an oil change every 3,000 miles. Most of today's cars can last about twice as long between changes.
  2. Pull out the wall plugs on your electronics. Even when devices are turned off, they're sucking power. It seems like a hassle, but if you pull the plugs, you'll save around $100 a year.
  3. Don't feel like you have to stick with the same service providers. Check out the competition's offers and deals. It might be in your best interest to switch.
  4. Think about borrowing instead of buying. How many times have you made a major purchase and only used it once? That circular saw is just going to sit in your garage, so ask about borrowing one from a neighbor. Neighborgoods.net and streetbank.com are good websites dedicated to community sharing.
  5. Quit going overboard on parties. The average wedding now costs $30,000. And it's become a trend to throw elaborate themed kids parties that can cost thousands. But most kids will be just as happy with a few games and some cake.

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