50 Cent has become a TV show executive mastermind, but hip-hop still has his heart. For his forthcoming drama series, Black Mafia Family, Fif has revealed that the series has an accompanying soundtrack, possibly featuring a track from a burgeoning Detroit rapper and an Atlanta artist he doesn't want to hear.

During an interview with This Is 50 on Wednesday (July 14), 50 explains that 2021 XXL Freshman 42 Dugg sent him a song for the soundtrack with a guest appearance from Jeezy, but Fif doesn't think the Snow Man's verse on the track is necessary and can be scrapped.

"I got another record coming off the BMF soundtrack, BMF will have a whole musical soundtrack connected to that one," 50 said. "There's so many people connected. That story is connected culturally, BMF, so you’ll see more involvement from other artists. I got 42 Dugg, he already sent something. Him and Jeezy on the record. I like it with 42 Dugg though, you don’t really need Jeezy."

Fif went on to jokingly state that he's trying to urge Dugg to take Jeezy off the record.

"You just need 42 Dugg," 50 added. "I’m just trying to convince him to take that nigga off the record and just rock, ’cause his shit is hot. The other shit, we can do without that shit."

Although 50 Cent would prefer the unheard 42 Dugg track sans Jeezy, that might be a difficult task for the rising Michigan-bred rhymer as Young Jizzle is one of his favorite rappers. Dugg told XXL during the 2021 XXL Freshman shoot that his top five rappers are Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Boosie BadAzz, Future and DMX, adding that each of the artists appeal to his life in a certain way.

Peep 50 Cent speaking on the 42 Dugg track with Jeezy for the soundtrack for Fif's BMF series around the 14:31-mark below.

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