We're all shocked by the tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just hours after her daughter Carrie Fisher. And that was just after we learned of George Michael's passing! Well, it's a long list and there's no way to include everybody who meant something to somebody, but here are some names for you to go, "Oh yeah, they passed this year as well."


  • David Bowie, Jan. 10

    One of the greatest modern pop musicians.

  • Alan Rickman, Jan. 14

    Actor famous for playing Severus Snape in "Harry Potter" and the villain in "Die Hard."

  • René Angélil, Jan. 14

    Celin Dion's husband.

  • Dan Haggerty, Jan 15

    Actor famous for "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams."

  • Glenn Frey, Jan. 18

    Founding member of "The Eagles" rock band.

  • Bill Johnson, Jan. 21

    Olympic skiing star.

  • Abe Vigoda, Jan. 26

    Actor famous for "Godfather" and for media falsely reporting his death twice.

  • Paul Kantner, Jan. 28

    Founding member of "Jefferson Airplane."

  • Joe Alaskey, Feb. 3

    Famous for voicing several Looney Tunes characters.

  • Maurice White, Feb. 3

    Key member of "Earth Wind & Fire"

  • Dave Mirra, Feb. 4

    BMX athlete and X Games star.

  • Antonin Scalia, Feb. 13

    Conservative Supreme Court Justice

  • George Gaynes, Feb. 15

    Famous 1970s, 1980s actor.

  • Harper Lee, Feb. 19

    Wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird"

  • George Kennedy, Feb. 28

    Oscar-winning actor.

  • Joey Feek, March 4

    Wife in singing couple "Joey + Rory"

  • Nancy Reagan, March 6

    Wife of the president.

  • George Martin, March 8

    Producer for "The Beatles"

  • Rob Ford, March 22

    Controversial mayor of Toronto, Canada.

  • Joe Garagiola, March 23

    MLB Hall of Famer for his broadcasting.

  • Gary Shandling, March 24

    Comedian famous for "The Larry Sanders Show."

  • Patty Duke, March 29

    Oscar-winning actress.

  • Erik Bauersfeld, April 3

    Famous for voicing Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars.

  • Merle Haggard, April 6

    Country music artist.

  • Doris Roberts, April 17

    Actress famous for playing Raymond's mother in "Everybody Loves Raymond."

  • Chyna, April 20

    Famous female pro-wrestling entertainer.

  • Prince, April 21

    One of the greatest modern pop musicians.

  • Philip Kives, April 27

    Inventor of the infomercial.

  • Alan Young, May 19

    Starred in "Mister Ed" with the talking horse.

  • Nick Menza, May 21

    Megadeath drummer.

  • Muhammad Ali, June 3

    The greatest.

  • Kimbo Slice, June 6

    Famous mixed-martial arts fighter.

  • Gordie Howe, June 10

    Holder of every single major record in hockey at the time of his retirement. Called "Mr. Hockey."

  • Margaret Vinci Heldt, June 10

    Invented the beehive hair do.

  • Lois Duncan, June 15

    Wrote, "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

  • Anton Yelchin, June 19

    Actor famous for new "Star Trek"

  • Elie Wiesel, July 2

    Wrote "Night" about surviving the holocaust.

  • Noel Neill, July 3

    The FIRST Lois Lane.

  • Pat Summit, June 28

    University of Tennessee women's basketball coach. First coach ever to achieve 1000 wins in a career.

  • Kenny Baker, Aug. 13

    Actor who played R2-D2 in Star Wars.

  • John McLaughlin, Aug. 16

    Created "The McLaughlin Group" -- arguably the first TV program where political experts yelled at each other.

  • Phyllis Schlafly, Sept. 5

    Conservative celebrity in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Edward Albee, Sept. 16

    One of the most famous modern American playwrights.

  • Lou Pearlman, Aug. 19

    Founder of 'NSync and Backstreet Boys.

  • Donald A. Henderson, Aug. 19

    Helped eradicate small pox.

  • Matt Roberts, Aug. 20

    Founder of rock band "3 Doors Down"

  • Toots Thielemans, Aug. 22

    Jazz Legend.

  • Gene Wilder, Aug. 29

    Famous comic film actor.

  • Arnold Palmer, Sept. 25

    One of the greatest golfers ever.

  • José Fernández, Sept. 25

    Baseball's 2013 Rookie of the Year.

  • Agnes Nixon, Sept. 28

    Creator of popular soap operas.

  • Shimon Peres, Sept. 30

    Moderate Israeli leader who was close to achieving peace with the Palestinians several times.

  • King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Oct. 13

    King of Thailand who had been world's longest-reigning monarch.

  • Junko Tabei, Oct. 20

    First woman to summit Mt. Everest.

  • Leonard Cohen, Nov. 7

    Called the greatest modern songwriter by many.

  • Janet Reno, Nov. 7

    Attorney General for Bill Clinton, she became a household name during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and for her guest appearances on "Ally McBeal" in the 1990s.

  • Gwen Ifill, Nov. 14

    Television news show host.

  • Florence Henderson, Nov. 24

    Played the mom on "The Brady Bunch."

  • Fidel Castro, Nov. 25

    Communist dictator of Cuba for nearly 50 years.

  • Ron Glass, Nov. 25

    Television actor, played Bishop on "Firefly."

  • Jim Delligatti, Nov. 28

    Invented the Big Mac.

  • John Glenn, Dec. 8

    Astronaut, first American to orbit the Earth.

  • Alan Thicke, Dec. 13

    "Growing Pains" actor and Robin Thicke's dad.

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dec. 18

    Beautiful Hungarian-American actress.

  • Richard Adams, Dec. 27