When I first stepped foot into Terror on the Ave, I thought it was interesting to see how an old furniture store could morph into a haunted attraction. I myself am not a big fan of horror movies or having someone pop out and freak you out to the point you hyperventilate, but I did have fun going through the different rooms and seeing things you don't see every day.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you visit Terror on the Ave:

1.) Take a friend or spouse. This will give you a partner to cling to and a sense of security while wandering in the dark. Who knows? This could even be the date that brings you closer to your girlfriend. She might fall in love with the man who protects her in the haunted house. (Note to guys: Don't let your lady walk through with Rik Mikals. HA!)
2.) Remind yourself that it's NOT real. Haunted attractions are supposed to be fun and give you a thrill, not leave you with nightmares for weeks. Don't forget it's all fake.
3.) It might help you face your fears. It's good to overcome something you thought you couldn't. Once you reach the exit sign, you will feel more confident having been through all the scares.
4.) It could put you in the mood. Get your mind out of the gutter -- I'm talking about Halloween, and going through the haunt will get you feeling more festive about the dark holiday.

Before entering ask yourself if you really want to go through. Maybe you can hang out in the lobby with me while your friends get freaked out. Heck, you could even take a picture in the photo booth.

Terror on the Ave is at 411 W. Yakima Ave. in the old Schultz Furniture building. It's open Thursdays from 7-10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 7-11 p.m.. Learn more at terrorontheave.com