Did you think about jumping on this morning to get your nine-week pass but then you didn't? Well, you snooze you lose, because it could have been you enjoying nine weeks of pasta bliss at Olive Garden, but instead, it's a guy named Jordan Lance. And YES, he is from Yakima!

This is a great example of just because you live in Yakima doesn't mean you can't snag a nationwide good deal! Olive Garden released their passes for purchase this morning, and Superfan Jordan says he has gotten this deal four years in a row because he isn't going to pass up something like this!

I asked Jordan if he was on the computer the minute it opened up and he corrected and told me he was on the "the second" it opened up. Now that's commitment! He also gave me some insider tech info saying "they say it sells out in seconds. It doesn't. More realistically speaking, the line reaches max capacity, which was actually 30,000, and everyone gets eight minutes to complete the purchase."

Jordan Lance
Jordan Lance

I also had to ask if he had gotten his wife Ashley one, and he courteously said no because she isn't a fan like he is.

Now, he has to sit and wait overnight to see if he was one of the first 50 to purchase a lifetime pass -- my assumption is he won't be passing up on the offer!

Enjoy your pasta, Jordan!


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