OK ladies, let's get in formation — for International Women's Day, that is.

Today (March 8), women around the world — and their male allies who stand in solidarity — are gathering to celebrate women's achievements and also to address the walls they must still knock down. Since 1911, International Women's Day has cast light on this dichotomy of accomplishment and complication, and in 2017, celebrities are some of the loudest voices behind the movement.

Amid marches, readings and demonstrations, the likes of Adele, Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys are speaking up in support of their sisters. Whether they're championing Planned Parenthood or giving shout-outs to powerful female family members, stars are proving the world would be a very different place without determined women, and followers are definitely taking notice.

Yup celebs far and wide are decrying misogyny and moving to make all of the world's women feel included. See how some of your favorites are honoring #InternationalWomensDay on social media below.

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