Obento House was definitely a hidden gem of a take-out restaurant in Yakima. Nestled among other medical buildings on 11th ave, in what used to be a chiropractor office, you could swing in and grab some great, authentic Japanese food to go. Everything from sushi to beef bowls and teriyaki chicken to even more unique items to Yakima like takoyaki and so much more. Sad to hear they're officially closing on April 19 as they announced on their Facebook page.

When they first opened, we used to challenge them. My wife and I are big on Japanese cuisine but, at the time of their opening, we didn't have many options for authentic Japanese food in town. We'd ask for items not even on the menu and they would always say, 'Yeah, we can do that, come back tomorrow.' and, sure enough, every time without fail, they'd present us with exactly what we asked for. It was amazing.

The place was never big enough to accommodate dining in, but I bet the people who worked in that medical district on 11th ave were happy a place like this existed so they could quickly run in and grab something to go and bring it back to work. When I stopped by to pick up my orders I'd often see someone in scrubs there as well. Always put a smile on my face.

Thank you for 10 years of excellence and best of luck to whatever comes next.

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