**American Agri-Women President Karolyn Zurn says her organization is optimistic after listening to the President’s State of the Union Address.

Zurn says the address is exactly what American farmers, ranchers and foresters wanted to hear.

She says we also heard “America First” many times in the speech where it pertained to agriculture. It’s about time our leaders look at agriculture with admiration and respect and we are seeing that from this administration.

**The California Walnut Commission has a new global marketing campaign, “The Power of 3,” that has a simple message: three handfuls of walnuts a week can help improve nutrition.

The campaign focuses on walnut’s essential fatty acid, omega-3 ALA, and asks consumers to share the nut’s health message with three others through February, which is American Heart Month.

According to thepacker.com, it’s the first campaign of its scale for walnuts with promotions in the nine countries.

**A new ag innovations non-profit center, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is coming to the St. Louis ag corridor.

According to agrimarketing.com, the “Gates Ag One” is led by the director of the foundation's Global Growth and Opportunity Division, Joe Cornelius, a former Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science executive.

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center says this is great news that will complement its work.

The center will prioritize ag research in developing countries.

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