**The National Pork Producers Council is calling Impossible Foods' naming of its plant-based products designed to mimic real pork a brazen violation of labelling law.

Citing law that prohibits the use of words that redefine pork, NPPC director of science and technology, Dr. Dan Kovich says "What's impossible is to make pork from plants.

Any adjective placed in front of the word pork can only refine it, not redefine it. It's not pork. It can't be labelled as such."

NPPC supports consumer choice and competitive markets on a level playing field.

**The U.S. trade gap narrowed in November to the smallest in three years as exports advanced amid a thaw in the trade war with China, while imports fell to the lowest since 2017.

According to agweb.com, the overall U.S. deficit in goods and services shrank to $43.1 billion in November from $46.9 billion the prior month.

The figures suggest the gap may shrink on an annual basis for the first time since 2013.

**Expect to see more California-grown avocados on the market.

The California Avocado Commission projects a crop of 369 million pounds, up from about 215 million in 2019.

Hot temps reduced avocado supplies last year, but the commission says it expects a "great" 2020 crop.

California farmers harvest avocados all year, with peak volumes in May, June and July.

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