**The FDA has identified at least one source of the E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce, that made more than 20 people sick, at a California farm in Santa Barbara County.

According to agnetwest.com, the FDA reports while this is an important piece of information, it doesn’t explain everything and the investigation remains ongoing.

The FDA says five restaurants in four states, 11 distributors, nine growers, and eight farms are still all potential sources, meaning there could be more than one source.

**The new farm bill appropriates $50 million for mental health resources specifically targeted toward farmers, ranchers and other ag-related occupations.

Milkbusiness.com reports, known as the FARMERS FIRST Act, the Act provides up to $10 million per year for each of the fiscal years of 2019 through 2023.

Under the bill, resources can be directed to provide competitive grants to State departments of agriculture, State cooperative Extension services and non-profit organizations.

**Washington State House Republicans released member committee assignments for the 2019 legislative session. Representative Bruce Chandler, a Republican from Granger, will take a leadership position as the ranking member on the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee.

Chandler previously served as the caucus lead on state spending and budgeting as the ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee.

He was part of the team tasked with solving the so-called McCleary problem, and will continue in that capacity.


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