**Meat consumption among Americans has increased, according to USDA analysis.

USDA says total consumption of red meat, poultry, fish and shellfish rose nearly 8% in the most recent four-year period.

Beef consumption rebounded due to an improving economy and stable retail prices. Chicken remains the most-consumed meat, at about 52 pounds per person per year.

**The USDA, last week, filed an administrative Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act complaint against Hood River Juice Company.

The USDA tells thepacker.com, the company allegedly failed to make payment promptly to 12 produce sellers in the amount of more than $3.6 million over five years ending in February.

Hood River Juice can request a hearing, but if the USDA finds the company committed repeated and flagrant violations, they would be barred from the produce industry for three years.

**While U.S. dairy officials applaud Phase One completion of the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement, they say Phase Two negotiations are critical to giving U.S. dairy farmers fair access to the Japanese market.

A U.S. Dairy Export Council study shows if U.S. farmers had the same access as competitors, they would roughly double U.S. share of the Japanese market over the next decade.

National Milk Producers Federation President Jim Mulhern agrees market access in Japan under the TPP wasn’t sufficient, but negotiators must achieve a better outcome to remedy this.

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