The 911 call Akon made after his car was stolen has surfaced online.

On Wednesday (May 26), TMZ published the audio from the call with Akon and a 911 dispatcher regarding his white Range Rover being stolen from a QuikTrip gas station in Atlanta while he was pumping gas into it on May 24.

During the audio clip, Akon informs the operator that his car had been stolen at a gas station, but mistakenly gives the dispatch the incorrect address of the location. He instead gives her the address of where his car was taken. Akon was able to trace the vehicle due to the "Find My iPhone" feature and his phone still being in the car.

The woman informs the Konvict Muzik founder that the address he provided is "not a street in the city of Atlanta." The operator then inquires if the rapper had contacted the police, which he explains he did, but law enforcement was taking a while to arrive.

"They've been on their way for a whole hour," Akon says.

The operator goes on to confirm the details Akon said in the earlier portion of their conversation.

"And you said you were carjacked?" the dispatch asks. "At gunpoint?"

The Senegalese-American artist asserts that he had been carjacked, but a firearm wasn't involved.

"I was literally getting gas and they just jumped in the car...," he says before the dispatcher cuts him off and corrects his labeling of the theft.

"That's not a carjacking," the 911 operator tells Akon. "That's not a carjacking."

After he responds and says, "Oh, OK," the dispatch tells the rapper that "someone stole his car."

Akon agrees, "Yes, ma'am," and the audio cuts out.

As previously reported, the car theft took place on Monday, just before midnight at the 761 Sidney Marcus Blvd. QuikTrip gas station. The address where the "Locked Up" rhymer's Range Rover was found was in Forest Park, Ga., which explains why the address he provided the 911 operator with was not in the city of Atlanta.

Other items listed as stolen in Akon's police report include Louis Vuitton luggage, a diamond chain, the rapper's passport and more. While the car was recovered by the City of Forest Park Police Department, it's unclear if Akon has received those items.

Check out the audio from the 911 call below.

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