Love is a wild, willful force that changes us, often challenging us to open up to someone else while simultaneously forcing us to take a deep look inside ourselves. And on "Inside Out," Aleem does just that.

The Chicago-bred pop artist weaves a melodic, moody tale of romance and personal introspection on the catchy lead single off his debut EP, Open Letters.

In the lovesick video, the singer-songwriter, who opened for Fifth Harmony on the European leg of their October tour, finds himself turned "Inside Out" from love.

"I've got demons inside that you know I'm trying to hide / I've got scars that run so deep baby / Gonna show you tonight," Aleem promises his lover on the track. It's honest... and relatable.

Watch the clip, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, above.

Open Letters is out now and is available to purchase on iTunes or stream on Spotify.

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