J. Rod is real: Alex Rodriguez confirmed a weeks-long rumor today (March 31) that he and Jennifer Lopez are definitely a couple.

The MLB star spoke broke his silence on his relationship during an interview with The View, during which he said he doesn't think he and Lopez have been especially successful at hiding the news.

“It's obvious. We've been having a great time,” he said of his hot new romance with the 47-year-old pop superstar. "She's a New Yorker, she's from The Bronx, and a big Yankee fan...We're having a great time. She's an amazing, amazing girl. One of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother."

Rodriguez also said that — in spite of Lopez's celebrity — he loves her most for who she is at the end of the day when the lights go down.

"She just likes simple things. I mean, she's a very, very simple person,” he continued. “Loves family. Is a great sister. Is a great daughter...She was a track star in high school and junior high."

And, though he pointed out Lopez "would kill me" for unearthing intimate secrets, Rodriguez pointed out that his girlfriend has a pretty pronounced sweet tooth — chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip ice cream are her favorites.

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