It all started with a cryptic message. The outcome would mean a quick meet-and-greet with people who cracked the code. Turns out Alton Brown did a guest appearance in Yakima.

The coordinates led to the Capitol Theatre in Yakima. I just had to meet him. I decided to arrive half an hour early. No surprise -- there were already a few people in line.

As time went on, more and more people showed up, all with cookbooks in hand. I didn't bring my cookbook, but I had a feeling he'd sign anything so I brought a copy of Pac-Man since he's all about eating, too. Other people brought cooking utensils and one guy even brought a fire extinguisher as it's an ongoing joke on his show.

More celebrities of all types should do this. Just a quick tweet and/or Facebook message to their fans to get a chance to meet us and give us a quick one-on-one meeting with someone for a photo op. As he signed my game, he said Pac-Man was the first game he owned as a kid.

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