Success can come at you fast and, sometimes, that means losing yourself in the flurry of lights.

After winning Swedish Idol at just 16 back in 2011, Amanda Fondell released a No. 1 album, becoming a pop star sensation overnight. Six years later, the singer-songwriter took a step back, realizing it was time to find her sound—not just her stage persona—as well as the truth in her story and her voice. Her self-discovery culminated in a collection of songs off her forthcoming EP, A Talk With Nature, and most poignantly in its lead single: "Naked."

Amanda lives her truth on the big, euphoric electro-pop track, a time-relevant anthem about staying true to oneself in the age of selfie filters and musical alter-egos.

"I just wanna see you naked / Just the way you were created," Amanda cries out on the chorus, as skittering tribal beats crash around her raw, earnest vocals, creating a visceral, emotionally-charged space for soul-baring honesty.

"'Naked' is about a friend who has built up their persona on a world of lies, and remind me of a person I don’t want to be," Amanda reveals. "It’s a message saying, 'I just want to see your truth and your naked soul, the way you were created.'"

Listen below:

A Talk With Nature is out June 2.

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