Teenage ‘American Idol‘ contestant Hollie Cavanagh performed Carrie Underwood‘s hit ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ on tonight’s episode, where contestants were challenged to pick a song by their own personal idol. While the Texas native put her heart and soul into the performance, the judges had mixed feelings about her rendition of Underwood’s song.

Before her performance, Cavanagh met with mentor Stevie Nicks, who told her she had to let go and put her heart into singing. Nicks explained to Cavanagh that her mother died a couple of months ago, and since then, problems mean nothing because her mother is gone. She and Nicks shared a personal moment as the Fleetwood Mac vocalist told her “it doesn’t matter about your voice, it matters about your heart.”

When she took the stage, Cavanagh looked majestic in a white dress on the smoky stage. Singing in front of a backdrop of wintery woods as faux snow fell from the ceiling, the songstress’ voice grew strong in the chorus, but it definitely wasn’t the best or strongest performance we’ve seen from Ms. Cavanagh … and for the most part, the judges agreed with this sentiment.

During her critiques, Randy Jackson told Cavanagh that “there were a couple of pitchy moments in there,” pointing out that she seemed to struggle with the low notes in particular. Steven Tyler agreed, saying, “I’m not gonna mess with Jesus and/or Carrie… I felt your emotion but I just wish you sang a different song. It was just OK for me too.” However, Jennifer Lopez praised Cavanagh, telling her that she “connected emotionally” and that it was one of her best performances to date.

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel’ on ‘American Idol’

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