They say blood is thicker than water, but what happens when jail time gets involved?

Ann Wilson, lead singer of Heart, is caught in the middle of very serious family drama. Her husband, Dean Wetter, pled guilty on March 9 to choking her two nephews in August 2016.

Wilson was performing at a concert outside of Seattle when her sister's children, age 16, went to look inside the tour bus. Wetter began yelling once he saw the door to the vehicle had been left open. He then allegedly punched one nephew, grabbing him by the throat, and then choked the other when he tried to get involved.

Wetter was sentenced to 364 days in jail with all the time suspended due to a plea deal. He's set to pay restitution, attend mandatory counseling, and be on probation.

And, of course, Wetter has been banned from any contact with Wilson's nephews.

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