Ariana Grande opened up about why she doesn't share song snippets anymore.

If you're of a fan of the pop star, then you know she used to often tease her tracks on social media before officially dropping them. However, in recent months, Grande hasn't posted any at all. Though many of us just assumed she was busy or didn't have any new music to share, the 26-year-old revealed she stopped because it results in a lot of fan questions and theories that make her feel anxious.

"me too... i miss sharing snippets of things," she wrote on Twitter.

But when a fan told her no one's stopping her from doing it, adding that they'd love it if she did, the 26-year-old recalled when she shared a snippet of "Get Well Soon," off her album 2018 album Sweetener, and people speculated the track was called "Feel It" for six months.

She first teased "Get Well Soon" on December 31, 2017, on her Instagram, but only confirmed the snippet was from the song on May 29, 2018. While she admits it gave her anxiety, she did acknowledge that the only reason fans went wild for the preview was because, at the time, she hadn't released any new music in almost four months.

Thankfully, she made it up to them by dropping not one, but two albums in less than six months, as well as announced her Sweetener World Tour, which you can get tickets for here. Though we probably shouldn't expect her to tease any new music for now, Grande recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey on the Charlie's Angels reboot theme song.

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