Aubrey O'Day spoke candidly about her relationship with Donald Trump Jr. and her thoughts on his political beliefs when she was stopped by a TMZ cameraman this week.

When asked if she does in fact consider Trump Jr. her "soulmate," which tabloids reported earlier this week, the singer confirmed the statement to TMZ. "He would say I was his soulmate too, but he won't say that," O'Day added, laughing.

O'Day claimed that Trump Jr. "won't dare speak on any of this, he can't because he chose what he chose and he's living it now." She also said that the Don she knows isn't the Don the world is seeing right now: "I don't want to be attached to this presidency or the thoughts behind it because I am fully am not in any support of any of it."

When asked if she thought things didn't work out between the two due to the Trump administration, she replied, "You never know — that's what I think."

O'Day also wished Jr.'s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, "good luck" with her relationship, calling the woman a "talking sidepiece next to [Trump Jr.]." O'Day also stated that Guilfoyle "has the same f---ed up views that [Trump Jr.] has now"

The pop artist and reality TV star was also asked when the last time she spoke to Trump Jr. was. She refused to disclose the information but claimed that Trump Jr. still has her number. "I think soulmates always stay connected," she coyly concluded.

In 2011, O'Day and Jr. allegedly had an affair while she was a guest on President Trump's show, The Apprentice.

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