Some days are so rough that it can become nearly impossible see the silver lining to anything. Lucky for us, Audien and Echosmith's recently-released video for their new single, "Favorite Sound," makes it easy to look at the brighter side of things.

"This song speaks to something we all feel and never confront," DJ and producer Audien tells PopCrush. "We hope we were able to capture that emotion and put it on display so everyone can take it less seriously and spend more time loving life."

Sydney Sierota, the lead singer of electro-pop group Echosmith, adds, "This song is my reminder to listen to the positive voice in my head that says I can do anything and that I matter in this world."

Watch the video, below:

The two artists had been wanting to work together for a while and as it turns out, "Favorite Sound" was the perfect collaboration for them. Audien, who splits his time between Dallas and living the tour life, and Los Angeles-based Echosmith, worked on the track remotely. "We actually made the song over the internet," Audien shares. "It's super future!"

Their process of working together was highly collaborative, to boot: "I’m glad he was able to see them with clear eyes," Sierota says about the demos Echosmith initially sent Audien, who says what he received were "more like finished songs."

"I just used the parts I liked," he shares. "But there was so much to choose from that I used more than I ever do."

"And I’m glad it was this song because I’ve wanted to use this song for something. It turned out way cooler as a feature than just with us, which worked out really nicely," Sierota adds.

As of right now, the two acts are enjoying their new song as a standalone single. For Audien, however, "Favorite Sound" could possibly become part of a bigger body of work. “We’ll find out," he explains. "There is going to be an album this year. It might be part of the album. It might be the first single off the album. I don’t know. We’ll see."

As for Echosmith, the band are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming record.

"We’ve written and recorded so many new songs," Sierota reveals. "We’re at the final stages. We also have tons of music aside from this album that I think we’re already halfway through and hopefully into a third album as well. We’re just trying to create as much as possible right now, so that we have music ready to go even if we go on tour, which we hope to do later this year ... We don’t have to wait as long to release music because we took our time with the second album."

As the two music acts gear up to release even more music in 2019, there's the obvious question of whether we'll get to see these "Favorite Sound" performed live.

“Yeah, we’re working on that right now," Audien teases. "It’ll be something really cool and really big."

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