Your mutha' effin' princess is back, Black Stars!

Avril Lavigne has made her long-awaited return with a compelling music video for her triumphant comeback single "Head Above Water." The anthem, which dropped last week, marks Lavigne's first music release in three years — and the visual for the record looks every bit as fierce and powerful as the production itself.

The video, which the pop star issued on her 34th birthday Thursday (September 27), opens with aerial footage of a stormy ocean and hilly landscapes before we see Lavigne emerge from a cove — wearing a flowing white gown, lantern in hand — as she walks the rocky shore to the raging sea ahead of her.

Watch below:

The production perfectly illustrates Lavigne's durability and unyielding will to rise above any obstacle, so let's celebrate her re-entry with ten solid moments from "Head Above Water," below.

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