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  • A Royal Mistake
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have issued an apology for a simple typo. They were criticized for making a typo on their Instagram while sharing a quote from Maya Angelou. Instead of using the word "woman" they accidentally typed "women," which did not go unnoticed by the public. Meghan and Harry’s digital team decided to repost a corrected version of the quote, along with a quick apology to their followers. (via Cosmo)
  • Is there a Golden Ratio for Beauty?
    Bella Hadid was just crowned the most beautiful woman in the world according to scientific research on what constitutes the "perfect face." The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi measures physical perfection to a scale, and Bella was found to be 94% "accurate." Beyonce came in second place, scoring a 92%, and actress Amber Heard was third, with 91.85%. (via DailyMail)
  • Change That Overused Pillow ASAP!
    Just like occasionally nedding new sheets, the same goes for new pillows. Over time, pillow cases will attract dust mites. Your pillow can also contain up to 16 various species of fungal spores and in order to avoid related health issues. it is recommended to replace your pillow every two years. (via Tuck)
  • Does Lady Gaga Know Fortnite?
    Lady Gaga is being dragged for tweeting “What’s Fortnight?” this week. It is unclear if Gaga was just trolling or if she is not actually aware what Fortnite is. After the tweet, plenty of people made sure to let Gaga know that Fortnite is a popular video game that was released in 2017, where players create worlds and battle each other, while its developer Epic Games earns millions upon millions per month in the process.(via Cosmo)
  • No Contact With the Outside World
    A Dutch family of siblings was just found living in a hidden basement for nine years, having had no contact with the outside world. They were waiting for “the end of time” and survived off of the food from their vegetable garden and farm animals. It was reported that the 58-year-old man that was also living on the premises was not related to the siblings, nor was he the owner of the farmhouse. An investigation is ongoing. (via People)
  • Travis Scott Takes a Tumble
    Travis Scott dislocated his knee while performing at NYC's Rolling Loud Festival this past weekend. He landed on his leg wrong while jumping up and down. Scott was told that he specifically has a stretch or tear in the patellar tendon when he went to go see a orthopedic specialist. (via TMZ)
  • Halloween Inspo
    Sometimes coming up with a Halloween costume can be difficult, but these 50 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials will help you solve that dilemma. Clown makeup, corpse bride makeup, zombie veins and Wednesday Addams glam looks are just a few of the creative ideas you'll find! (via Cosmo)

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