Iggy Azalea was the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, and she brought with her the biggest entourage in the show's history. She reportedly brought about 60 people into her dressing room, and they all came with her to the backstage after party that "SNL" throws after every week's show. Rita Ora was there, and she got busted asking staff for some complimentary alcoholic beverages. LOL!

Iggy's performance was fun to watch and Rita joined her to perform "Black Widow," but whoever that gothic-looking chick was who performed with her on the song "Beg For It" was so off-key and time-delayed, it was hard to watch without squinting. Her name is MØ, and as US Magazine explains, she issued an apology to fans for her part in making Iggy's performance on SNL very, very, awkward.

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