We can only begin to imagine the amount of time, effort and detail that goes into crafting a celebrity wax figure. And considering just how recognizable celebrities are, there's the added pressure that comes with trying to get every detail completely right. It's a long, arduous and involved task and sometimes the end result is so lifelike, it's almost frightening.

But other times, someone drops the ball and the results are frightening for a completely different reason. When wax figures are bad, they're really bad. Whether it's because the actual figure looks nothing like the celebrity in question, the face looks partially melted off or any other number of reasons, there's something kind of charming about getting it totally wrong. OK, maybe by charming we actually mean "entertaining" and "hilarious in the worst way," but still.

From Beyonce to Justin Timberlake, we've compiled some of the best of the worst celebrity wax figures for your enjoyment. Don't worry -- all the supposed celebs are labeled, in case you can't tell who they're even supposed to be.

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