As a seminal figure in music, Beyonce has certainly earned her stripes as pop royalty over the years — and she certainly has the stans to show for it.

Her infamous BeyHive swarm is one of the strongest presences on social media, and they aren't afraid to sting anyone (and everyone) who comes for their Queen.

If you're as crazy in love with the Lemonade goddess as you say you are, then you'll want to double tap the latest news, gossip and throwbacks of the "Formation" singer's flawless photo ops. Consider this your stan starter pack, because we've scavenged the web to find you the best Beyonce fandom accounts around.

Check out our list below to see all the Beyonce stan accounts you should be following on Instagram...if you aren't already.

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    It's no wonder @beylite has amassed over 1m followers. They cover a little bit of everything: from Beyonce's street style to tour shots to throwback vids from her Destiny Child heyday.

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    @beyoncelivevideo will take you back in time to the best if not all of Bey's show-stopping performance and vocal moments.

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    If you ever want to put a Beyonce hater in their place, follow @beyoncereceipts; it swears to "provide Beyoncé receipts, facts and statistics to help the BeyHive successfully drag."

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    @1.beyonce is what we'd imagine a Beyonce scrapbook would look like, stocked with photos of the star when she was in Destiny's Child, classic modeling shoots, and even snaps of hubby Jay-Z and Baby Blue Ivy in her infancy.

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    If you want receipts with none of the shade behind it, @beyoncefacts delivers all the little-known trivia you should know about the superstar.

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    Want the perfect pick-me-up quote? @beyoncequotes shares some sassy words of wisdom for fans to live by, courtesy of Bey (duh).

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    Not to be confused with @beylite, @beyelite is more abundant with video footage of Mrs. Carter in between dance and voice rehearsals, stage performances, interviews and a lot more.

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    In search of a more down-to-earth Bey? You should follow @blueivy.carter if you want to catch the singer on mommy duty with her gorgeous heir, Blue Ivy.

  • 9


    @barbiebeyoncelife wins for having the most inventive stan account on our list, which specializes in reinterpreting the singer into flawless figurines after some of her most iconic moments. Though fairly new, the account has already garnered more than 13k followers.

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    As you know, family matters a lot to Beyonce, and @beyoncejayzsource makes keeping up with Mr. and Mrs. Carter that much easier to do.

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