Cannon Beach, Oregon is a must-see destination for any tourist traveling the Northwest. Even the locals like to come here and walk the miles of beach and get a pic of Haystack Rock for the 'gram. In many ways, it's an idyllic oceanside community. So of course, its hiding something.

Bandage Man Comes at Night

When the sun goes down in this seaside town, and the fog rolls in, a strange figure roams the woods beside Highway 101. And when cars drive cautiously in the mist, unable to see more than 5 feet ahead, that's when the creature strikes.

If you hear a loud thump on your vehicle's rooftop, it's already too late. The Bandage Man has chosen you for his next victim. He especially likes young people. And animals. And he always gets what he wants.

The Origin of Bandage Man

In life, the Bandage Man was a logger at local sawmill, who suffered a terrible accident. Mangled and losing blood, he was wrapped in gauze, put in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. That was the plan, anyway, but enroute the ambulance was caught in a landslide and toppled downhill.

When authorities discovered the wreckage, everyone in the ambulance was dead. And the patient was missing. No one saw the logger after that - only the Bandage Man; a bloody, perverse facsimile of an Egyptian mummy. A wicked creature that has haunted the area for decades.

The Bandage Man Feasts

Sometimes the Bandage Man appears in front of cars on Highway 101. Other times he startles drivers by banging on their windows. But that doesn't last long, because if he gets this close to a human, he's hungry. Verrrry hungry. Because sometimes feasting on the dogs, cats and other animals of Cannon Beach is not enough... for Bandage Man.

Or it could all be a spooky campfire story.

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