Big Sean tackles gun violence, police brutality and other societal issues in his powerful new visual for “Light.”

Helmed by Lawrence Lamont, the visual shines some light on the senseless violence that’s becoming commonplace in America. In the clip, there are several scenes of fatalities taken place.

From a drive-by shooting (where a little girl is killed), to police officers shooting two unarmed hooded teenagers to a woman wearing a hijab getting stabbed, all of it is senseless and all too real in today’s society.

After each unfortunate incident, Big Sean, who plays a guardian angel of sorts, pulls up in a white van and takes the victims to a secluded place where he lifts them away to heaven.

In an Instagram post, Big Sean revealed that he funded the video out of his own pocket and wanted to remember the victims of senseless violence. He wrote in part:

It's disheartening sometimes to see that not much has changed when it comes to hate, police brutality [and] just overall people losing their lives too early. But when I wrote this song, it was to reassure myself that no matter what happens, they can't take away our Soul, our confidence, our ideas, [and] all that makes us shine. This song isn't a single but is still super important to me, so I paid for a lot of this outta pocket to make sure we got this out. Rest in peace to all those who have lost life due to senseless actions. As I always say, each one of us have the power to make a change, it starts within..."

Props to Big Sean for addressing an ongoing problem in America. Hopefully, everyone will see the light. Let's stop the violence and increase the peace.

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