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Blac Chyna Charges Fans $950 for FaceTime Calls 

Blac Chyna is charging fans $950 for FaceTime calls and $250 to follow back on Instagram. She announced the new "service" on her cosmetic website, where fans can submit their phone numbers and Instagram handles during checkout. (There's even a layaway plan available!) Blac Chyna's lawyer says that she's doing this out of economic necessity. Apparently, she doesn't get child support from Tyga or Rob Kardashian and needs money during the quarantine. (via UsWeekly)

 46% of People Had No Idea What Their Partner Did for Work Until Quarantining Together

A new study revealed that 46% of people has no idea what their partner did for work until isolating together. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tubi, up until the pandemic, many folks' knowledge regarding their loved one’s line of work was limited to “they work in an office” or “they have lots of meetings." But now , since they're spending all this time together, that has changed. (via StudyFinds)

People Are Venmoing Drink Money to Their Virtual Dates 

The coronavirus outbreak has canceled a lot of plans, including dates and hookups. However, it has been amazing to see the new ways people are socializing. FaceTime and Zoom have made it possible for people have virtual dates. And apps like Cash App and Venmo have made it possible to pay for your date, too! (via Elite Daily)

'Need More Beer' Woman Gets Her Wish!

After the photo of a 93-year-old woman standing at her window holding up a sign that read "Need More Beer" went viral, she got her wish: Coors Light saw it and sent 10-15 packs of cans to her house in Pennsylvania. (via TMZ)

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